Longform journalism in The Atlantic Magazine, ESPN The Magazine, CBC IDEAS, Slate, Marketing, Maclean's, Deadspin, The Independent, The WalrusReader's Digest, Vancouver, Globe & Mail, and other leading publications. Seven National Magazine Awards.

Believe in Featherbowling

The Charmer

Lonely End of the Rink

The Finnish Goaltending Manifesto

When Luongo Saved Vancouver

"The Atlantic  might not be your first stop for hockey journalism, but Chris Koentges nails this long-form piece."

—Sports Illustrated

"Koentges created a small, specific, beautifully rendered world, and when I finished the story, I didn't want to leave it behind."

—Longreads Best of 2015

"... Koentges, who scored four medals himself last year, added a silver to his collection Friday..."


chriskoentges [at]

*Chris Koentges is based in Vancouver, but travels far and wide, often on short notice, always with an open mind.

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